The OSCAR Interest Profiler

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The OSCAR interest profiler is a fantastic assessment tool for young adults and high school students. The questions are designed to question the client about their likes and dislikes of specific tasks. At the end of the test our clients … Continue reading

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The MBTI is a personality assessment device used to identify an individual’s personality profile as identified by the Jungian school of psychoanalysis. This assessment presents a series of statements for the individual to answer using a ranking scale known as a likert scale. This is a scale consists of five choices that range from “strongly disagree” to “strongly agree.”
Once completed, the assessment will display a four letter code. There are sixteen possible coding patterns and when combined, Jung’s personality theory emerges for an individual. The four areas providing a letter code indicate some aspect of personality. The first deals with our social natures: are we introverted or extroverted, meaning do we seek out time alone to refuel or “batteries” or do we seek out time with others to reenergize. Within each area of analysis for this assessment are seemingly polar opposite typologies of personality, i.e. introverted or extroverted.
The second possible letter combination analyzes the way an individual takes in information, the choices here are sensing versus intuiting. Sensing people take in information through the use of the five senses; where as intuiting people tend to examine patterns within behavior, actions and etc. The third area is similar to the second in that it examines the way we make decisions. It answers if an individual is a thinking or feeling in their approach. A thinking person uses logic and reason to make decisions and a feeling person bases their decision making based on a subjective value system.
The final category deals with how people deal with the outside world, deeming people as either judging or perceiving. If an individual is judging he tends to be organized in their approach to life, where as a perceiving person is more flexible and spontaneous.
As these categories combine many possibilities emerge as to personality types, the combinations present a skeleton explanation of a whole person’s basic personality traits including desired behaviors, activities and even job preferences. There is a database connected with the MBTI model that evaluates different job functions within a huge array of career choices and attaches these functions with lists of desirable activities connected with each personality type. Now, this process is not an exact science. Although I find the discovery of a personality type to be interesting, I trust its judgment only slightly more than a mood ring or magic eight ball, but I say this in jest.
There can be truth about a person revealed in this assessment, and at times it may seem to be spot on; however, a test that can evaluate and fit all people into one of only sixteen categories seems limited and perhaps at some level, somewhat stereotypical. And so, one must be mindful and remember to use this only as a tool and not as a means by which to define one’s self.
Along with this blog, I have attached a few links. These links are not my own creation, but rather have been found on the web. One of the links will show a chart of the types. Another link is a brief descriptor of the basic, overarching categories. This is a test only administered by professional licensed counselors and the results must be read and interpreted by the administering counselor. It is a computer based test and costs $35. The report is multi-paged and multi-faceted. It includes a detailed descriptor of the personality type revealed as well as strengths and weaknesses for the type in the workplace and a list of jobs both recommended and not recommended for the type indicated. It is also important to note that these are listed as preferred and not preferred activities and jobs.

The 16 Types
As located on the Type Table

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